The Everglades Law Center

Since its inception more than twenty years ago, the Everglades Law Center’s legal team has stopped numerous development proposals that threaten America’s Everglades. From successfully challenging mining proposals in the Everglades Agricultural Area to litigating for stronger growth controls in the Florida Keys, the firm has worked tirelessly in defending Florida’s water, wildlife and special places.

Everglades Law Center brings more than five decades of legal expertise in its work with over thirty national, state, and local environmental and conservation groups. Their attorneys are uniquely positioned throughout the Everglades ecosystem and handle a wide range of environmental matters, including land use, wetlands permitting, endangered species, and public lands. The firm looks forward to providing its clients with top-notch legal services, on-the-ground analysis, and thoughtful leadership for many years to come.

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Client Testimonials

Justine and I recently worked together on reviewing our operations which was no easy task. As a result, we are operating according to best practices in every aspect of our operations. I highly recommend Justine's services. Start with her legal check-up!
Susan Omoto – The Historical Society of Central Florida