Transition Management

Nonprofits face new challenges every day — whether it is changing economic conditions, the loss of a significant grant or the departure of a trusted leader. Cowan Consulting for Nonprofits helps boards and nonprofit executives plan for and manage change related to:

Nonprofit Executive Transitions

Nonprofits that prepare for executive transitions are more likely to allow new leadership to step in and thrive. We help with succession planning including emergency succession planning and risk management that may result from an unplanned departure.

Crisis Management

We help you address a current crisis or help put a risk management plan in place to avoid future problems.

Nonprofit Mergers and 

We help board and staff work through the issues related to decisions to wind down operations or merge with another nonprofit.


Testimonial for Nonprofit Lawyer Cowan Consulting

Client Testimonials

Justine's experience and background in the nonprofit sector gives her a great advantage in consulting with nonprofits. She knows what is needed not only in the present, but for the future.
Noelle Moore – The Finley Project