Fundraising Laws

When engaging in revenue generating activities, nonprofit organizations are required to comply with a wide array of state and federal fundraising laws and regulations. Cowan Consulting for Nonprofits provides advice and legal services in the following areas:


Fundraising Law Compliance Audits

We evaluate whether your nonprofit fundraising programs meets the basic requirements under state and federal laws. We can combine your fundraising audit with an evaluation of your organization’s fundraising effectiveness.


Training in Nonprofit Fundraising Laws 

We provide basic and advanced training to board and staff on a range of legal issues. Training can be combined with instruction and workshops on fundraising fundamentals.


Gift Policies and Procedures

Gift policies and procedures help organizations stay out of legal trouble and also improve donor relations. We draft gift policies and procedures tailored to your organization’s specific needs.


State Charitable Registrations

We help nonprofit organizations and fundraising consultants comply with state charitable registration requirements.


General Compliance 

We provide guidance on compliance with fundraising registration requirements including:

  • Acknowledgements,
  • Reporting,
  • Compliance with IRS regulations,
  • Gaming activities and raffles,
  • And all aspects of laws governing fundraising.
Testimonial for Nonprofit Lawyer Cowan Consulting

Client Testimonials

Justine and I recently worked together on reviewing our operations which was no easy task. As a result, we are operating according to best practices in every aspect of our operations. I highly recommend Justine's services. Start with her legal check-up!
Susan Omoto – The Historical Society of Central Florida