Charitable Registrations

Most charities are required to register with a state agency before engaging in fundraising activities. In Florida, unless your organization falls under a specific exemption, you are required to register with the Department of Agriculture. If you engage in fundraising in others states, you may also be subject to registration requirements. Cowan Consulting for Nonprofits helps with a broad range of issues regarding charitable registration requirements including:

  • Florida Charitable Registrations,
  • Assisting Florida nonprofits with charitable registrations in other states,
  • Addressing notices of deficiency,
  • Fundraising consultant registration,
  • Fundraising solicitation registration,and
  • Fundraising contracts.
Testimonial for Nonprofit Lawyer Cowan Consulting

Client Testimonials

Justine's experience and background in the nonprofit sector gives her a great advantage in consulting with nonprofits. She knows what is needed not only in the present, but for the future.
Noelle Moore – The Finley Project