Custom Nonprofit Trainings

Cowan Consulting for Nonprofits provides nonprofit trainings, education and facilitation on a range of topics that are customized to address the needs of your nonprofit.

Board Retreats

We develop retreats that focus on the specific needs of your organization including examining your mission statement, fundraising, board work plans, board roles and responsibilities, staff/board relationships, board structure, and more.


Strategic Planning

We can provide the consulting and facilitation that your organization needs to engage in meaningful strategic planning.


Board Training

We can provide training to your board on basic roles and responsibilities, legal requirements, fiduciary responsibilities, board work plans, fundraising and more.


Legal Training

We can provide training to board and staff on how to operate your nonprofit in compliance with the law, fundraising legal requirements (ideal for development staff), top legal pitfalls in nonprofit management and risk management.


Testimonial for Nonprofit Lawyer Cowan Consulting

Client Testimonials

Justine's experience and background in the nonprofit sector gives her a great advantage in consulting with nonprofits. She knows what is needed not only in the present, but for the future.
Noelle Moore – The Finley Project